Thank you for your interest in being a model for upcoming shoots.  Most shoots will happen in and around North Oaks and most shoots pay a small stipend for your time.  These shoots are for national companies’ social media websites.  I get very specific assignments with requirements when it comes to ages, ethnicities, etc…  I am gathering information from people who are interested in modeling so that I can put together a roster of people to contact when an assignment comes up.  On average, I do 2-3 shoots per week.  Many of these shoots require the 20-35 age range so if you know someone who might be good at this, please send them this page to fill out!  The more the merrier!  I am also looking for homes that have great natural light to shoot in.  As time goes on, I might be able to pay people for use of their homes as well or offer photography services in exchange for use of their home.

Please fill out one form for each person that is interested in modeling.  

I will share all images with you and you are free to post then AFTER I give you permission.  We have to wait until the company has posted the photos on their site first.  If you do get a job with me, please download and print this model release below.  Thank you so very much!!!

Please download, print and fill out the Model Release form BEFORE a shoot.


  • What age range could you fit into?
  • Many times I get assignments to include diversity so please choose one below...thank you!
  • Let me know if you work from home or have a little flexibility in your schedule. Shoots usually take about an hour and require natural light so daytime hours are preferred.
  • Would you allow me to shoot in your home? Or on your property?
  • Share with me just a little about what you do for a living and your hobbies and interests. Thank you!
  • A photo would help me cast you as a model. Please upload a photo below. Keep file under 2MB. Thank you!
  • A photo would help me cast you as a model. Please upload a photo below. Thank you!
  • Feel free to share any other pieces of information with me.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.