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  • GAYTEE-PALMER – Custom

    GAYTEE-PALMER – Custom
    Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass Custom Work
  • Boat’s 2017 TV Spot

    Boat’s 2017 TV Spot
    2017 TV Commercial for Boat's
  • Boat’s TV Spot – It’s Perfect

    Boat’s TV Spot – It’s Perfect
    Spring TV Spot
  • Gaytee-Palmer Promo

    Gaytee-Palmer Promo
    Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass
  • Josh’s Place Event

    Josh’s Place Event
    Josh's Place Promo video
  • Boat’s TV Spot

    Boat’s TV Spot
    Summer 2016 TV Spot
  • Brooke + Jeffrey

    Brooke + Jeffrey
    Meet Brooke and Jeffrey.
  • Neighborhood Builders

    Promotional video for builder in Des Moines.
  • Vous Etes Mon Coeur

    Vous Etes Mon Coeur
    A short film on love.
  • I Will Go Music Video

    Featuring the band Now Serving 7.
  • My Nice Person

    My Nice Person
    This is about a child I met in Haiti.
  • Hotcakes for Haiti

    Hotcakes for Haiti
    Bob's story about his time in Haiti.