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When Tammy was a little girl, she would sell songs and dances on the street corner in front of her house with her friend Guy…instead of lemonade like her neighborhood friends.  Her dreams of being on stage and in the movies became a reality as she became determined to make the entertainment business her career.  After teaching herself how to dance watching old Gene Kelly movies and learning how to tap dance by taping pennies to the bottom of her shoes in her walk-in closet, she became a choreographer all over the Midwest to earn money for college. After performing on cruise ships, at resorts and theme parks she went into the management side of things.  She worked at Valleyfair and Camp Snoopy managing singers, dancers, musicians and Charlie Brown.  

She married, moved to Iowa and became a mom to two young boys.  Well, not all at once but it certainly changed her direction in the business.  Her focus changed from stage to on-camera work and doing voiceovers.  Since then she has received numerous awards for acting from the Iowa Motion Picture Association and works regularly as a voice actor.  Tammy is especially thrilled when she can work on camera or on mic with her sons, who have also decided to see what all this “lights, camera, action” stuff is all about.  Her sons Carter and Conley have enjoyed many opportunities on-camera as well.. www.conleybrice.com +  www.carterbrice.com 

Tammy’s experience on both sides of the camera is a director’s dream, as she understands continuity, lighting and is a true professional.  And as a voice actor, she’s quick to deliver what you want on the first take. Take a peek at her acting reel or listen to her voiceover demo and contact her with any questions you might have…or even a nutty requests…she especially likes those.  Most recently, she moved to the Twin Cities and is working to build her business there.  Her husband is in Seminary and the whole family is involved in church activities.



Tammy loves capturing everyday life…expressions…moments…to create lasting memories that make your heart pitter-patter with joy.

You’ll feel like you’ve known her for years and she will have you at ease in a snap of the finger. She finds fabulous locations to fit your style [including her studio in the Arts District in Minneapolis], treasure hunt for great props, and ultimately deliver to you a precious moment in time – artfully presented and preserved for years to come. She considers it a privilege to peek into your life through her lens and capture the beauty, the sparkle, the magic that is your life.

Tammy is excited to provide you with outstanding photos for your family, children, senior, and engagement celebrations. She also specializes in actor and professional headshots, and commercial/business photography. At Tammy Brice Photography, she loves to give you exactly what you want….but it’s hard to do that if you haven’t put some thought into what you want from your session. It’s sometimes best to start at the end….think of what you ultimately want in the end….a large canvas above your sofa? holiday cards? or a present for grandma? For example, if your living room has a color scheme of naturals and you decide you want your family to wear purple for your session….well, uhm, not sure how that purple will go along with your natural palette above the sofa. Making more sense?

Well, the good news is, this is where Tammy shines….she can see the end game [big picture] but in an instant can translate that into the many details it takes to get ‘er done. She is thrilled to help you pull all things [location, styling, wardrobe, props, editing, etc…] 


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Tammy is a cheerleader for the underdog.  Her passion is to give high quality design and marketing pieces to the “mom & pop shop” clients she adores.  She does everything to help them succeed in the business world.  Her clients call her a “one-stop-shop” lifesaver.  She can take photos, create your logo and branding, design all marketing tools [from a website to your brochures] and assist with social media updates.  

Her formal training started in college at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she received a degree in Graphic Design.  Although she pursued theater and acting after college, her keen eye for design always came in handy for most of her jobs.  Check out her portfolios in design and photography as they often go together.  


crafts-shelvesTAMMY THE DIY QUEEN
When you walk into Tammy’s house, you’ll understand that photography and designing aren’t the only things that Tammy enjoys.  Her house is a Pinterest dream and around every corner you’ll find something that makes you say, “Oh my goodness! I would have never thought of doing THAT?!?”  She loves to take trinkets or treasures that mean something or have sentimental value and make them into something that you can enjoy instead of knowing that they are tucked into a drawer somewhere and holding those memories captive.   [Hard to find that person that is equally left and right-brained….but makes for a perfect combo.]  You can often find her making jewelry for friends out of old jewelry from their grandma’s jewelry box, or walking around with a tool belt full of spray paint..[The girl LOVES color] or going thru her “idea” scrapbooks [think Pinterest the old-fashioned way] she’s kept for two decades…to find a new project to add to her home or to give as a gift.  All of these crazy skills, wrapped up into one person…and all those skills tie over into photography and design and  ways that she can bless you with her talents.  If you ever need a splash of creativity in your life, Tammy’s the gal!