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Tammy loves capturing everyday life…expressions…moments…to create lasting memories that make your heart pitter-patter with joy.

 You’ll feel like you’ve known her for years and she will have you at ease in a snap of the finger.  She finds fabulous locations to fit your style, treasure hunt for great props, and ultimately deliver to you a precious moment in time – artfully presented and preserved for years to come. She considers it a privilege to peek into your life through her lens and capture the beauty, the sparkle, the magic that is your life.

Tammy is excited to provide you with outstanding photos for your family, newborn, children, senior, engagement and event needs. She also specializes in actor and professional headshots, and commercial/business photography.

At Tammy Brice Photography, they love to give you exactly what you want….but it’s hard to do that if you haven’t put some thought into what you want from your session. It’s sometimes best to start at the end….think of what you ultimately want in the end….a large canvas above your sofa? holiday cards? or a present for grandma?  For example, if your living room has a color scheme of naturals and you decide you want your family to wear purple for your session….well, uhm, not sure how that purple will go along with your natural palette above the sofa.  Making more sense?

 Well, the good news is, this is where Tammy shines….she can see the end game [big picture] but in an instant can translate that into the many details it takes to get ‘er done.  She is thrilled to help you pull all things {location, styling, wardrobe, props, editing, etc…} together to create that perfect moment. Of course a gentle reminder you that all images remain property of Tammy Brice Photography and are protected by federal copyright laws; copying of any kind, without permission, is strictly prohibited.  Releases are given to you with your flash drive of images.



  • All sessions are by appointment only.
  • We are blessed to that have a very full schedule! However this does make rescheduling a bit of a circus trick.  Please keep your session time and date whenever possible.  Exceptions will be made for illness and adverse weather conditions. If you need to reschedule, please contact Tammy by phone.


  • We suggest a phone call to discuss your vision for your session at least a week before you are scheduled.  At this time we can discuss locations, wardrobe and other things that will help us make the best of our time and ensure you get images you love.
  • SENIORS: We suggest an in person pre-session planning time for your senior portraits.
  • It’s hard to get everyone dressed and wrinkle free, fed and combed and to your session.  We are moms, we know.  It is best if everyone arrives mostly ready to go.  If we have to wait 15 minutes to braid Suzi’s hair we may lose precious light and the toddler’s patience!!
  • Even if you are always on the run, try to relax for the hour or so before your session.  Here are some ideas for making the process a bit more painless.
  • Lay out clothes the night before (iron if needed).
  • Get everyone a snack before you get dressed
  • Don’t argue with your teenager. (We promise they’ll smile even if you haven’t seen it for awhile)
  • Remember that it will all go much more smoothly if you are ready to have fun together.
  • Plan a fun outing for after your session—ice cream perhaps?!



  • Choose outfits that are solids or nice textures and bring layering options such as  scarves or vests. 
  • Try to avoid large logos or big brand words or sayings. These will become the focus of your photo.
  • White can make your skin look gray in black and white photos, go for deeper colors.
  • Try to avoid colors that are too close to your natural skin tone. 
  • If you are going to be outdoors natural colors tend to work well: browns, blues, greens, black, khaki, and denim.
  • Don’t be afraid to add some splashes of brighter colors…they can liven up the photo.  And you decide to use color, be thinking about where you will be hanging your photos….if you color coordinate your wardrobe with the photos’ final destination then you are one smart cookie!
  • For outdoor shoots we will often be hiking around. Wear comfortable shoes (even bring an extra pair if you would like to wear something specific in pictures.) Also, know that you will likely be, at times seated on the ground, so don’t wear something you can’t get a little dirty. If you have a sweet/nice/fun blanket that would be appropriate with your vision, bring it along.

  If there are any other questions you have, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (515) 789-0770.



includes {SIX} fully edited digital files with release
initial phone consult
up to two hours
one wardrobe change
online viewing gallery

includes {TEN} fully edited files with release
initial conceptual and wardrobe consultation
up to three hours
unlimited wardrobe changes
Add $75 to session fee if session is split into two or more dates
online viewing gallery                          

{ACTOR HEADSHOTS}                    
includes {THREE} fully edited digital files with release
up to 45 minutes
2 Looks with one wardrobe change
des moines studio only
online viewing gallery

includes {TEN} fully edited digital files with release
initial phone conceptual and wardrobe consultation
up to three hours
unlimited wardrobe changes
des moines studio and surrounding area
online viewing gallery                 

{PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS}                  
includes {ONE} fully edited digital image with release
up to 20 minutes
no wardrobe changes
des moines studio or on location
online viewing gallery 

includes {THREE} fully edited digital files with release
up to 45 minutes
no wardrobe changes
outdoor only
online viewing gallery
intended for holiday cards and a child’s milestone


  • Digital image files are $50 per image  {images are fully edited}
  • Entire gallery of images from session {usually 80–100 images depending on type of session…with 10 of those images fully edited} $1000
  • Access to a professional lab to order prints and products directly from your gallery.  Prints starting at $12.00 for a 4×6.  It’s all you…you choose, you crop and you order.
  • After choosing your final images, they will be available for download, print or product order and will be sent to you watermarked for social media sharing.
  • Pricing is subject to change at anytime.
  • Discounts may be available for images that I choose to touch up and put on my blog.
  • An online gallery will be uploaded 2–4 weeks after your session.
  • A rush fee of $50 will be applied for galleries needed within one week.